And then there was that time @Nolan_Gould beat me up at our premiere.View more Brian Keene on WhoSay

And then there was that time @Nolan_Gould beat me up at our premiere.

View more Brian Keene on WhoSay

Outlook Grim, featuring Doug Dobbs on vocals, Bob Snodgrass on guitar, Joey Scarpino on bass, and David Lay on drums, were formed in late 2011. Their debut album, GRIM REQUIEM, comes out April 14th. Here is a track from it, called “Labyrinth”. The band says: “Lyrically, Doug wrote about the mythology of horror writer Brian Keene (Anthrax never shied away from writing about Stephen King, and we likewise support our influences). It’s a brooding track that set the tone for other songs. Plus, this is the first tune we wrote together, so it has some sentimental value. Whatever you do… Don’t open your eyes in the Labyrinth!” Please show your support by Following the band on Facebook and pumping your fist to “Labyrinth”.


On sale today in both paperback and Kindle is THE BATTLE ROYALE SLAM BOOK, edited by Nick Mamatas and featuring my brand-new essay “Children Playing With Guns”.

Also features new non-fiction by John Skipp, Sam Hamm, Toh EnJoe, Gregory Lamberson, and many more.



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A Confession From a Forsaken Landscape

9nUxTY8s My name is Brian Keene and I have a confession to make.

For the last decade, I have been trolling the Internet under an alternate identity known as Nickolaus Pacione. (more…)

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Enjoy the Silence

Expect mostly radio silence around here for the next few weeks. I have to finish writing…

Enjoy the Silence

Expect mostly radio silence around here for the next few weeks. I have to finish writing…

World Horror 2014 Grand Master Award

World Horror 2014 Grand Master Award

I’ve been sitting on this news for a few weeks, but now that it’s been made public, I’m very happy to announce that I’ve been selected to receive the 2014 World Horror Grand Master Award.

We’re lucky enough to work in a genre with a LOT of awards — the Bram Stoker award, Shirley Jackson award, British Fantasy award, Chainsaw award, the Rondos, and many others. In my mind, the two highest honors…

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This book is a celebration of Thunderstorm’s 100th hardcover title. Edited by Michael McBride and Nate Southard, it contains ten long stories (approximately 10,000 words each) by Brian Keene, Bryan Smith, Ronald Kelly, JF Gonzalez, Mary SanGiovanni, Kelli Owen, Shane McKenzie, Gene O’Neill, Michael McBride, and Nate Southard. Limited edition hardcover, signed by all authors. Sure to sell out…

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How Paul Campion became the Frank Darabont to my Stephen King

How Paul Campion became the Frank Darabont to my Stephen King

Fearnet has an extensive interview with Paul Campion about the success of THE DEVIL’S ROCK, its sequel, how he and I became friends, and the latest on his adaptations of my works DARK HOLLOW, KILL WHITEY, and THE SIQQUSIM WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS. You can read the interview in its entirety here.

Film-making is an even stranger and more cutthroat business than writing and publishing, and I learned long…

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Scares That Care Weekend - Author Programming Now Open

As previously noted, I’m handling the Author Programming for this summer’s Scares That Care Weekend charity horror convention, the full details of which can be found HERE. I am now accepting a limited numberof candidates who wish to participate in programming for the weekend. If you are a local author or a writer who plans on attending the convention, and would like to participate with a…

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