Bronze Age Kids

I’ve noticed something regarding my 6-year old and comic books. At least twice a month, we head to my long-time source, Comix Connection, where he has a subscription to various all-ages books like Tiny Titans, Scooby-Doo, and Captain Action Cat. But other than these few titles, he much prefers the same Bronze Age 70s titles I grew up reading. We go to flea markets and yard sales and I buy him beat-up or cover-less copies of various 70s and 80s Marvel, DC, Gold Key, and Charlton comics, which he reads cover to cover, including the advertisements (he’ll often see some action figure or game that is now 25 to 35 years old, and ask if we can find one). Hand him a copy of Justice League or Avengers from now, and he’ll barely crack the cover. Hand him one from back then, and he’ll devour it. I’m not sure what we can learn from this, other than that, like his father, he much prefers the Madbomb, Headmen, and Korvac sagas over anything being written now. 

Dancing In The Ruins

Beverly Hills Cop came out the year I graduated High School. It was notable for two things — Eddie Murphy’s rising star performance, and its soundtrack. The latter featured, among other gems, a catchy little pop ditty called “Neutron Dance” by the Pointer Sisters.

I’ve seen the film and heard that song dozens of times since then, but upon watching it last night, 20+ years later, it occurred to me that happy, bouncy, funky “Neutron Dance” is actually nihilistic and bleak as all fuck. It’s a mournful wail against corporate capitalism and the pathos of modern life, with a narrator that’s hoping the bombs will fall tomorrow and end this miserable existence. Not bad for 80s pop music. Not bad for pop music in general.

If it was recorded today, “Neutron Dance” would just be about who has the biggest butt, or the most money, or the flashiest car, and would guest-star a bunch of rappers you’ve never heard of, half of whose names begin with ‘Lil’, and would be sung via auto-tune. 

APOCRYPHA - Coming Soon

APOCRYPHA – Coming Soon

Apocrypha FOR PRINT

The three books featured in the upcoming 2014 Maelstrom set are APOCRYPHA by Brian Keene, the Conan-esque KING OF THE BASTARDS by Brian Keene and Steven Shrewsbury, and HAG by John Goodrich. Print run of 260, set price $135, and you’ve got about two months to save your money. (Official early warning system will come later)

Today’s post centers on APOCRYPHA. This book of rarities is being…

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We cannot expect people to have respect for law and order until we teach respect to those we have entrusted to enforce those laws.
Hunter S Thompson (via chromauk)

That morning when you wake up, stumble to the kitchen, realize you’re out of coffee filters (and also out of paper towels, which can be used as a makeshift coffee filter in a pinch), so you throw on a shirt and a pair of shorts, shuffle out to the car, and search for a store that is a) open at 5am and b) sells coffee filters, and you find one, and you go inside and buy the coffee filters, and when you reach in the pocket of your shorts, they fall down, and you’re not wearing undies because you sleep in the nude, and the bemused clerk makes a joke about taking a pic and selling it on eBay because “you’re the writer, right?”, and then you get home with the coffee filters, and you make coffee, and while it’s brewing you realize that you’re also out of toilet paper.

Wicker Man

Sometimes, people can’t cope or heal until they have a bad guy who they can point at and say, “It’s all your fault.” Sometimes, they need somebody to burn inside the wicker effigy. Sometimes, it might even be you they do it to. That’s okay, as long as you know you’re not the bad guy — and as long as you are fireproof.

Geek Priorities

Yesterday, a senior minister in India’s government downplayed a horrendous attack in which a young woman was gang-raped to death on a city bus as, quote, “a small incident”.

Four days ago, a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri derisively told an African-American woman named Lillian Guthrie to, quote, “Get a job.” Lillian is a successful financial analyst.

Last week, soldiers of the Islamic State massacred the Iraqi village of Kocho. After slaughtering every adult male, they transported the women and children to the city of Tal Afar. There, the male children will be pressed into becoming fighters for the group. The women and female children will be forced into sexual slavery or sold on the black market for the same.

For the past several months, the Boko Haram group has been doing the same thing all across Nigeria, abducting young women and little girls, with the intent of a similar fate.

But yeah, let’s go ahead and focus our outrage on a variant cover for a Spider-Woman comic book, instead. Because, priorities.

Infinite You

Although it shouldn’t be news to anyone who has read more than four of my books, a science article this morning says that gravity might be the key to proving the incontrovertible existence of parallel worlds and alternate realities.

This is, of course, one of the two central conceits of my fictional Labyrinth mythos. And science is edging closer to proving it. String Theory becomes String Fact. And somewhere out there in the universe, you got it right. No matter how badly you fucked everything up, there’s another you who didn’t.

Life doesn’t often offer second chances. But science may soon give us an infinite amount of them.

Freezing Time For One Cup of Coffee

My 6-year old starts first grade this morning. I’m not sure how that happened so fast.

His mom and I will take him in today. Then I need to get back to work on this X-Files project and Libra Nigrum Scientia Secreta. If there’s time, I also need to collate research pics I took in New Jersey’s Pine Barrens last weekend, get my suit dry-cleaned for a funeral, reach out to a few world class free-divers (more research), and write a few chapters of new novel Hole In The World.

But first, I’m going to clutch my coffee and stare out the window at the trees and sky, because my 6-year old starts first grade this morning and I’m not sure how that happened so fast.

PRESSURE (with anticipated F.A.Q.)

PRESSURE (with anticipated F.A.Q.)

First, the official announcement (which appeared in Publisher’s Marketplace and elsewhere today):

PRESSURE by Brian Keene
Fiction: Thriller
Brian Keene’s PRESSURE, pitched as JAWS meets ALIEN, the story of a world-class free diver who is called in to investigate a seismological event in the Indian Ocean, when events quickly take a deadly turn and she and her crew must fight the monsters in the…

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